Whether your property is large or small, challenging your Ontario property tax assessment isn't easy.  Let someone with the needed experience do it for you.



Who am I?  I have worked at the highest levels on both sides of the property tax assessment business.  From being the lead expert on major industrial appeals, to negotiating settlements on retirement homes, warehouses, and hotels, there isn't much that I haven't done in assessment.


What does an Ontario property tax assessment review and appeal involve?  Will it tie up a lot of your time?  A good product requires a good process.  See what is involved in having Hintikka Consulting challenge your assessment, and see how little of your time it will require.


Why would assessments and / or property taxes be wrong? There are many issues which arise. Each property is different, and needs to be treated as such.  Issues such as functional and economic obsolescence, tax classification, and even factual errors can all lead to an inflated assessment.