The Flaw in Basing Property Tax Assessments on Land Speculation

The Flaw in Basing Property Tax Assessments on Land Speculation

If current value is based on sales, does that mean that all sales are current value? If all thumbs are fingers, are all fingers thumbs?

Property tax assessments are often based on the mistaken belief that the assessor must blindly follow sales. This mistake could be costing your business. A good property tax consultant can find out.

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

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Functional Obsolescence

One of the most frequent issues identified in assessment appeals is functional obsolescence.  In short, when the building you have is different from the building you should have, there is likely obsolescence. Has the use of your building changed since it was constructed?  Is your building too big? Too small?  Poorly laid out for your purpose? Do you have parts of the building that are unusable?  Is your building taller or shorter than you need?  The answers to these and other questions may indicate the presence of functional obsolescence.

Not every case of functional obsolescence looks like the picture below.  In many cases the inefficiency is easy to miss - and may very well have been! 

Properties like this have had property tax assessments based on full value.